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Go To Mood Boosters | Grit & Glass

This week, we experienced “National Mental Health Day”.  While many people may think it’s a joke, our mental health is equally as important as our physical health.  Some days I am in just a straight funk and nothing can bring me out of my nasty mood.  Not that I’m a poster child for stability, but here are a few of my proven and favorite ways to get out of that mood in order to bring me back to my normal, happy self!...

Butter Roasted Garlic & Tomato Sauce

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Butter Roasted Garlic & Tomato Sauce

  Hello my long lost readers!  I was whipping up some dinner the other day, and I figured I would share this super simple recipe.  Often, when people think of creating their own pasta sauce, they are easily daunted by the thought.  The recipe below is for a sauce that was created in twenty minutes or less, and can be easily recreated by you!  Be far warned, it is a bit spicy, so if one does not like that, then forgo the red pepper!...


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Rosemary Infused Cocktail | Grit & Glass

One of my favorite herbs has to be rosemary.  The woody aromatic herb makes a perfect addition to turkey, quinoa, even your cocktail.  While you can mix your rosemary-infused simple syrup with many different ingredients, I especially love it with grapefruit juice. Remember when I gave you simple steps to make your own infused syrup?  If not, you can check it out here:  Infuse Your Simple Syrup.  ...


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Infuse Your Simple Syrup | Grit & Glass

Simple syrup is really the best-kept kitchen secret.  It can be utilized while baking, candy making, cocktail creating, even dressing fruit salads.  Surely venturing to the grocery store is easier, but what is the fun in that?  It doesn’t stop there; a sure fire way to kick up your signature cocktail is by infusing your syrup!  Below is a quick how-to, as well as a few of my favorite flavor-infusion ideas!...


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Healthy Habits | Grit and Glass

Old habits die hard, but it seems picking up a new one can be an even more difficult task to keep consistent with.  If we were talking about a habit of eating two doughnuts a day, it would be one thing.  Nonetheless, health habits require a bit more effort, especially if we are swallowing disgusting-tasting vitamins first thing in the morning.  Below are my top habits I do daily to help keep my body in check!...


Below The Border Corn | Grit & Glass

Although I do not have a lick of Mexican heritage in my blood, anything Mexican or Tex-Mex makes my mouth water like the Niagra Falls.  All joking aside, not only do I love to eat this type of food, I am also a huge fan of cooking it!  My Below the Border Corn is not only extremely inexpensive to recreate, but it is packed with flavor!...


Books I Can't Live Without | Grit & Glass

I am always on the hunt for great books.  The trouble is, just like picking a car, I read almost every review and critique out there before selecting one for purchase.  Cliff hangers, steamy scenes, and funny moments are always on everyone’s wish list.  Nonetheless, not all of them have to contain an abundance of romantic drama to keep me turning the page.  Over the years, I’ve come across a handful of books that have changed my life, and I’m going to release them to you. Note:  If you’re searching for the next Fifty Shades of Grey, this post isn’t for you....


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Pescatarian Life | Grit & Glass

About twice a year I do a fruit and vegetable detox, where I go vegan for about four to five days.  That’s right, I give up the cheese too.  Shocker I know.  Sure, some doctors don’t recommend going on a fruit and veggie binger.  However, I feel as though I need to give my digestive system a break from breaking down such complex foods.  While I look great at the end of it, I started to feel like my body was going into starvation mode....


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July Fourth is one of my favorite holidays; all I can think of is sunshine, barbecues, and freedom!   Not only does it allow us to celebrate our nation’s independence, it also gives us a great reason to gather with friends and family.  With so many food recipes on the inter webs, I thought I would share one of my favorite celebratory drinks for you to enjoy....


How to Stay Organized | Grit & Glass

People recruit me on the daily to help them organize their life.  Whether it’s the pantry, garage, or even their personal relationships, I see it all (not that I want to).  However tedius these tasks can be, it comes rather easy to me, mainly due part to my border-line OCD.  Do I really think I have OCD?  No.  Nonetheless, my organization skills resemble those of a soccer mom with 6 children, all partaking in extra-curricular activities....